Tarlac, the melting pot of Central Luzon of the Philippines, was the site of the 31st church planting officially inaugurated by the Philippine Churches.

The inaugural service of ICOC Tarlac was held at Osias Colleges Inc., Tarlac City on November 25, 2018. It was well attended with over 350 people visiting. Families, brothers, and sisters came from all over. The Tarlac ministry started to thrive due to the passionate hearts of Deo Ramos and the Anchiboy family. Disciples took numerous missionary journeys over the past three years. What started as a small Bible talk has now grown by 12 baptisms to date.

ICOC Tarlac is now being led by newlywed couple Tholits and Mharge Bernardino.

May they continue to be the light and save souls with God’s grace in the city of Tarlac. To God be the glory!

Enjoy this video highlighting the church planting.

Video editing courtesy of Alvin Gumiran