Everything has to start somewhere! On Friday, August 29th the Singles Service Team (SST) met face to face for the first time at the inaugural International Singles Conference (ISC), Dreams & Visions, in Dallas, Texas.  The committee was assembled to give direction to the singles in our fellowship of churches and is comprised primarily of single disciples and some full-time ministry staff with a real heart for this ministry.  It was the perfect time and place for such a meeting as the excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead for the worldwide singles ministry was at a fever pitch.

Over the years, singles ministries have suffered due to the lack of direction, purpose, mission; and leadership. Recent times find fewer leaders in the full-time ministry worldwide to concentrate specifically on the needs of single disciples. The SST remains committed to find effective ways to help singles disciples strengthen, mature and edify their ministry taking on more responsibility for their service.  After much discussion, the committee discovered that some of the most pressing issues and needs that currently affect singles worldwide include:

  • Confusion over our role.
  • Fighting our perception as singles: world and church culture versus what is biblical.
  • Using our talents more outside of the Kingdom than in the Kingdom
  • Lifestyle evangelism. Keeping our mission at the forefront.
  • Organic fellowship between men and women as well as creating more opportunities for inter-regional events and activities.
  • Raising up more male singles leaders.
  • Pursuing dreams that glorify God not eclipse our love and devotion to Him.
  • Living a fulfilling singles life. Is God enough?
  • Singles taking more ownership of their ministries. Less reliance on full-time ministry staff.
  • Developing relationships with strong advocates for the singles who are willing to help appropriately.
  • Creating family as singles.
  •  Better communication worldwide.

The committee also discussed ideas to help solve many of the issues above, but we cannot do it alone. Here are two ways of continuing to meet the needs of singles ministries:

Singles Ministry Website

Over the next few months, with the help of Disciples Today, we will be designing and building a website to specifically help the worldwide singles ministry go to the next level. We need your help and are currently looking for ideas for the website as well as writers from around the world who have a desire to submit articles that help address these needs: Bible lessons, Testimonials, Interviews, Articles, Videos.

If you are interested in submitting any material or ideas or have questions, please contact Steve Frederickson at imstevefred@aol.com, for more information.  The website will also be the home for the International Singles Conferences in the future including audio files.

Singles Conferences

We also discussed encouraging singles conferences in regions around the world.  Currently under discussion is how often to have the International Singles Conference.

Click here for a great review of the very first ISC which drew 2,700 singles from 43 US States and 57 countries!  God is calling all of us to keep the momentum of the spiritual impact from ISC flowing so that it does not just become simply a fond memory. Be praying for the singles ministry worldwide, as we strive to dream greater dreams for God, obey His vision for our lives, and leave behind a glorious legacy for the generations that follow us.

ICOC Singles Service Team

Todd Asaad, Chairman