The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

God has been moving in the Greater Hartford campus ministry. Last year, the University of Hartford had an incident of racism that quickly became national news. In addressing the issue, the University President conducted “Community Conversations” in which students, faculty, staff, and the Hartford community got to freely speak about the issue of racism and the impact on the campus. It was at this assembly that Nick Mamet, a disciple in the campus ministry (now serving in Berlin), spoke up and proceeded to share about his faith in God. Nick shared about the need for love in action and invited students to the Bible Talk that he led on campus. Nick’s act of faith was not without effect. He met multiple students at the assembly who later came out to a bible talk specifically addressing issues like racism, discrimination, and sin’s destruction. Vanessa William and Raven Johnson were two of the many students who met Nick at the forum and were inspired to visit the weekly Bible Talk. They were both moved to begin to study God’s word. On May 16, 2018 Vanessa was baptized into Jesus. On Aug 19, Vanessa helped to immerse Raven into Christ for the forgiveness of her sins. In a time where sin’s impact was clearly present and staying quiet about a controversial subject would have been easily construed as “wisdom”, a disciple chose to stand up and speak the light of Jesus in a dark time. God can bring light in any dark situation and circumstance.