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The International Churches of Christ continue to seek God’s will for their cooperation as a movement of churches with the passion to love God, each other and the lost world around us. A crucial element for God’s mission is for leaders to work together in unity around the world. Through much prayer and discussion, we cooperate and collaborate through servant leaders from the various areas of the world. Their roles and responsibilities are published here. These will continually be examined and modified to accomplish God’s purpose.


Regional Chairmen and Women’s Chairs/Coordinators

Africa – West: Chris and Rolayo Ogbonnaya; Africa French West and Central: Emmanuel and Agnes Koffi; Africa – East: William and Vicky Auki; Africa – Southern: Justin and Irene Renton; Africa – Central: Moses and Honorine Kalala; Asia Pacific: Danilo and Girlie Cabadsen; China: Francis Mak and Hiu Sheung; South Asia: Saji & Sheeba Alex and Emmanuel & Toli Baruah; South East Asia: Harliem and Vania Salim; Australia/South Pacific: Dave and Megan Bliley; UK & Scandinavia: Toks and Bola Sowoolu; Western Europe: Mathis Miriam Wosegien; Eastern Europe: TBD; Eurasia: Sasha Bazashvili and Oksana Kononenko; Middle East: Moufid and Jessy Tohme; Mexico North: Jose and Sandra Zapata; Mexico South: Andoreni and Lina Flores; Central America: Josue and Veronica Ortega; South America Southern Cone: Christian and Patricia Escobar; Brazil: Daniel Jenzini; South American Andean: Cesar and Paola Herrera; Canada: Tony & Melanie Singh and David & Erica Jung; Caribbean: Angel and Luz Martinez; ACR: Ed and Deb Anton; Florida: Ron and LauriAnne Conkling; Heartland: Vince and Robin Hawkins; Midwest: AT and Marci Arneson; New England: Jimmy and Anita Allen; New York: Johnny and Glorimar Rivera; Northwest US: Alex and Danielle Whitaker; Rocky Mountain: Chris and Meegan Zillman; Carolina/East Georgia: Rick and Lynn Overturf; Georgia/MidSouth: Mike and Shelly Pope; Southwest US & Pacific: Rafael and Griselda Lua; Texas/LA/OK: Dave and Angela Hooper.

Service Teams

Catalyst Team

Charged with providing vision, focus and directives to the Delegates and Regional Chairmen.

AT Arneson, coordinator (Chicago)
Danilo Cabadsan (Cebu)
Ron Conkling (Tampa)
Emmanuel Emeh (Lagos)
Walter Evans (Philadelphia)
Valdur Koha (Boston)
Darren Gauthier (Chicago)
Rafael Lua (Los Angeles)
Griselda Lua (Los Angeles)
Chris Ogbonnaya (Lagos)
Sarai Serra (New York)
Sebastian Serra (New York)
Patty Simmons (Chicago)*, administrator
William Thorne (Sydney)
Moufid Tohme (Lebanon)
Doug Wens (Houston)

Elders Service Team

Charged with giving profile to the needs and issues of shepherding and with helping resolve trans-congregational problems and conflicts.

Walter Evans, Chair, Philadelphia

Conflict Resolution: Larry Craig (New York) and Walter Evans (Philadelphia)
Eldership Development: Al Baird (Phoenix), Oleksii Kravets (Kiev), Yannick Le Noan (Paris)
Unity: Darren Gauthier (Chicago)
Prayer and Comfort: Imagbe Igbinoba (Lagos) and Bill Hooper (Dallas)
Marriage and Family: Frank Kim (Denver)
Minutes and Communication: John Brush (S. Florida) and Dan Liu (Hong Kong)

Evangelists Service Team

Johnny & Glorimar Rivera, Chairs (East Brunswick, NJ, USA)
Steve & Carrie Loundsbury (Los Angeles, USA)
Sam & Michelle Cameron (Perth, Australia)
Dillibabu Varadharajan & Preethi Rajasekar (India)
Emmanuel & Agnes Koffi (Ivory Coast)
Charles & Sarah Setiawan (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Kelly & Cheryl Boyd (Portland, OR, USA)
Collin & Beth Sherill (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Javier and Kelly Amaya (Boston, USA)
Chip Mitchell (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Ayhanna Booker (Montgomery County, MD, USA)
William & Chelsea Thorne (Sydney, Australia)

Women’s Service Team

To inspire and train women servant leaders around the globe to grow spiritually, to connect, and to advance the gospel in a powerful way.

Sarai Serra – Chair (USA); Marci Arneson (USA);
Victoria Auki (Kenya); Girlie Cabadsen (Philippines); Erica Fortina (Italy); Sharon Gauthier (USA); Kae Habel (Philippines); Susani Karta (Indonesia); Griselda Lua (USA); Lily Musonye (Kenya); Rolayo Ogbonnaya, (Nigeria); Camila Serra (Argentina); Sarah Setiawan (Indonesia); Bola Sowoolu (England); Lesa Stronger (Canada); Jessy Tohme (Lebanon); Sirikit Umaguing (Thailand); Caron Vassallo (Australia); Meegan Zillman (USA) 

Singles Service Team

Charged with addressing singles’ needs and developing singles’ conferences.

Elias & Rachel Deleault, Chair – Springfield, MA, USA

Andy & Marva Small – Barbados;
Bill & Kristen Moulden – St. Louis; 
Jose Ferrer – Orlando;
Larry & Kim Reed – Boston;
Bim & Nicole Towolai – New York;
Tony & Jolecia King – New York;
Pablo & Nicole Padilla – Los Angeles;
Nate & Waldina Bigbee – Texas; 
Richard & Shannon Buckner, Philadelphia

Youth & Family Service Team

Charged with shaping the spiritual program for teen conferences and leading in building stronger teen and family ministries.

Eric & Megan Testa, Chair – Indianapolis, Indiana

Mike & Kristen Lamb – Boston;
Ross and Manami Lippencott – New York;
Audie & Bethany Monday – Philadelphia;
Barrett & Rachel O’Connell – Seattle;
Jake & Kelsey Rock-Orlando;
Nick & Brianne Shoff –Atlanta; 
Nadine Templer – Kathmandu;
Melissa Tulloch – Atlanta;
Randy & Kim Ware – Kansas City;
Susan Wedin – Phoenix;
Antoine & Charlene Wills – Chicago;
Brandon & Lauren Yi – Austin

Campus Service Team

Charged with shaping the program for international campus conferences and inspiring to build stronger campus ministries.

Rob & Chelsea Novack, Chair – New York

US Team:
Murvi Babalola & Mari Sawamura – Boston,
MA; Matt & Brielle Ruppert – New York City;
Ben & Melina Hutchins – Blacksburg,
PA; Sam & Lindsay Heigrick – Cincinnati,
OH; Kyle & Ally Saxton – Raleigh,
NC; Jesse & Alexandra Ghoman – Charleston, SC;
Jordan & LaToya Massey – Atlanta,
GA; Leke & Marielos Lewu – Miami, FL;
Maurice & Sissy Charles – Chicago, IL;
Willie & Katie O’Quinn – Lawrence, KS;
Jeff & Keli Smith – Dallas, TX;
Armin & Megan Day – Albuquerque, NM;
Brian & Katie Daily – Pullman, WA;
Jacob & Tiffany Ardron – Los Angeles, CA; Kene Izuchukwu – San Diego, CA

Communication Service Team

Charged with facilitating communication and coordination for our worldwide cooperating churches and their leaderships. Oversee and coordinate Regional Communications Directors.

Mike Taliaferro, Chair, San Antonio
Disciples Today: Justin Renton – Johannesburg

ICOC Church Directory: Lai-Yan Faller – Portland, Maine

Keydogo: Nathan Taliaferro – San Antonio

Regional Communications Directors

Administration Service Team

Bobby Ritter, New York, Co-Chair
Brian Gross, St. Louis, Co-Chair

Cheryl Kaplan, Northern Virginia
Gary Slebodnick, Boston
Steve Smith, Dallas
Paul Rowden, London
Christen McDuffee, Boston
John Garrett, Denver
Megan Famodun, Atlanta
Paul Ramsey, Austin
Vivian Hanes, Atlanta
Ray Schalk, San Diego
Janet Schalk, San Diego
Yvonne Burch, Seattle
John Beene, Houston




Africa – WestChris OgbonnayaNigeriaEvangelist
Africa – WestRolayo OgbonnayaNigeriaWomen’s Ministry
Africa – WestRotimi AwayeNigeriaNext Gen
Africa – WestFrancis DasseGhanaEvangelist
Africa – WestImagbe IgbinobaNigeriaElder
Africa – French WestEmmanuel KoffiIvory CoastEvangelist
Africa – French WestAgnes KoffiIvory CoastWomen’s Ministry
Africa – French WestDoh yaon EvaristeIvory CoastEvangelist
Africa – EastWilliam AukiKenyaEvangelist
Africa – EastRichard AhendaUganda
Africa – EastFlorence AhendaUgandaWomen’s Ministry
Africa – EastKevin OduorNext Gen
Africa – SouthernJustin RentonSouth AfricaEvangelist
Africa – SouthernIrene RentonSouth AfricaWomen’s Ministry
Africa – SouthernDuncan ComrieSouth AfricaEvangelist
Africa – SouthernThemba XuluSouth Africa
Africa – CentralMoses KalalaDRCEvangelist
Africa – CentralHonorine KalalaDRCWomen’s Ministry
Africa – CentralJean Marc MogwoDRC

Asia PacificRobert MontealegrePhilippinesElder
Asia PacificDanilo Cabadsen*PhilippinesEvangelist
Asia PacificGirlie CabadsenPhilippinesWomen’s Ministry
Asia PacificNoberto AquinoPhilippinesEvangelist
Asia PacificAriel LastradoPhilippinesEvangelist
ChinaJeff Wong*ChinaEvangelist
ChinaTim WuChinaNext Gen
ChinaKevin TsangChinaEvangelist
ChinaGodwin ChanChinaEvangelist
ChinaCrystal ChanChinaWomen’s Ministry
South Asia RegionSaji Alex**IndiaEvangelist
South Asia RegionDillibabu VaradharajanIndiaEvangelist
South Asia RegionRakesh ChavanIndiaEvangelist
South Asia RegionEmmanuel Baruah**IndiaEvangelist
South Asia RegionEvangelin JulietIndiaWomen’s Ministry
South Asia RegionChristy VargheseIndiaEvangelist
South Asia RegionLucy Christy VargheseIndiaWomen’s Ministry
South East AsiaPhua HeeSingaporeEvangelist
South East AsiaAngelia HeeSingaporeWomen’s Ministry
South East AsiaYudai TakemotoJapanNext Gen
South East AsiaSovann SengCambodiaEvangelist
South East AsiaHarliem Salim**IndonesiaEvangelist
South East AsiaVania SalimIndonesiaWomen’s Ministry
South East AsiaBudi HartonoIndonesiaEvangelist
South East AsiaMoses Aaron InukabanIndonesiaNext Gen
South East AsiaListiana Santoso
South East AsiaVincent SimMalaysiaEvangelist
South East AsiaJayne SimMalaysiaWomen’s Ministry

South Pacific / AustraliaDave Bliley**AustraliaEvangelist
South Pacific / AustraliaSteve DarvodelskyNew ZealandEvangelist
South Pacific / AustraliaRob MulhearnAustraliaNext Gen
South Pacific / AustraliaKaty MulhearnAustraliaNext Gen

UK & ScandinaviaMohan Nanjundan**EnglandEvangelist
UK & ScandinaviaShane McDowellSwedenNext Gen
Uk & ScandinaviaMulligan PriceEnglandEvangelist
Western EuropeMathis Wosegein**GermanyEvangelist
Western EuropeMiriam WosegeinGermanyWomen’s Ministry
Western EuropePierre Le NoanGermanyNext Gen
Eastern EuropeYuri KravetsUkraineEvangelist
Eastern EuropeBritain FlemingUkraineNext Gen
EurasiaSasha Bazashvili*RussiaEvangelist
EurasiaOksana KononenkoRussiaWomen’s Ministry
EurasiaYury SokolkinRussiaEvangelist
EurasiaPavel KrasnopeevRussiaNext Gen
Middle EastMoufid Tohme**LebanonEvangelist
Middle EastJacob KuruvillaDubaiEvangelist
Middle EastShadi Kishek JordanNext Gen
Middle EastNisrine TadrosEgyptWomen’s Ministry

Mexico NorthJose Zapata*MexicoEvangelist
Mexico NorthFernando AvilaMexicoNext Gen
Mexico NorthLauro RodriguezMexicoEvangelist
Mexico NorthSylvia MendezMexicoWomen’s Ministry
Mexico SouthAndoreni Flores*MexicoEvangelist
Mexico SouthVictor NavaMexicoEvangelist
Mexico SouthAaron RuizMexicoEvangelist
Mexico SouthHumberto VargasMexicoEvangelist
Mexico SouthSonia ArroyoMexicoWomen’s Ministry
Mexico SouthAlejandro MirandaMexicoEvangelist
Mexico SouthErnesto MayoralMexicoNext Gen
Central AmericaJosue Ortega*El SalvadorEvangelist
Central AmericaVeronica OrtegaEl SalvadorWomen’s Ministry
Central AmericaBryan BeltethonPanamaEvangelist
Central AmericaAlexandro PaizGuatemalaEvangelist
South America Southern ConeChristian Escobar**Evangelist
South America Southern ConeSarai SerraArgentinaWomen’s Ministry
South America Southern ConeCristian DuqueChileEvangelist
South America Southern ConeSebastian Serra Jr.ArgentinaNext Gen
BrazilDaniel Jezini*BrazilEvangelist
BrazilJeff HendersonBrazilEvangelist
BrazilAlcides de MoraesBrazilEvangelist
BrazilLeslie de MoraesBrazilWomen’s Ministry
BrazilCaio FukumoriBrazilNext Gen
South America AndeanCesar Herrera Silva*PeruEvangelist
South America AndeanOrlando RochaColombiaEvangelist
South America AndeanAlba RochaColombiaWomen’s Ministry
South America AndeanRay Elias EsquenPeruEvangelist

CanadaTony Singh**OttawaEvangelist
CanadaDavid Jung**WinnipegEvangelist
CanadaMelanie SinghOttawaWomen’s Ministry
CanadaLesa StringerEdmontonWomen’s Ministry
CanadaStanley DumornayMontrealEvangelist
CaribbeanAngel Martinez**Dominican RepublicEvangelist
CaribbeanMerlene LafleurTrinidadWomen’s Ministry
CaribbeanNanieno LafleurTrinidadNext Gen
ACREd Anton*Hampton Roads, VAEvangelist/Teacher
ACRAyhanna BookerMontgomery County, MDWomen’s Ministry
ACRSean KirklinCinncinatiEvangelist
ACRChip MitchellPhiladelphiaEvangelist
ACRDrew MinesNorfolk, VANext Gen
Carolina/East GeorgiaRick OverturfTriangle, NCEvangelist
Carolina/East GeorgiaSarah PeickertGreensboro, NCWomen’s Ministry
Carolina/East GeorgiaPerrie KeeveColumbia, SCNext Gen
FloridaJarrod RobinsonGainesvilleEvangelist
FloridaRon Conkling**TampaEvangelist
FloridaJames CampbellMiamiEvangelist
FloridaPam GurrentzSarasotaWomen’s Ministry
FloridaTony FernandezBrowardNext Gen
HeartlandTim SchmidtNW ArkansasEvangelist
HeartlandVince Hawkins*St. LouisEvangelist
HeartlandRobin HawkinsSt. LouisWomen’s Ministry
HeartlandJanus AbelloColumbiaNext Gen
MidSouthRobynne BrownNashvilleWomen’s Ministry
MidSouthJD LusanHuntsvilleEvangelist
MidSouthNick ShoffAtlantaNext Gen
MidwestAT Arneson**ChicagoEvangelist
MidwestNancy DawsonChicagoWomen’s Ministry
MidwestRoss SawyerIndianapolisNext Gen
MidwestTJ HarrisChicagoEvangelist
MidwestMark KangDetroitEvangelist
New EnglandJimmy Allen**Providence, RIEvangelist
New EnglandLilian HislopBoston, MAWomen’s Ministry
New EnglandJosephus BartuahBoston, MANext Gen
New EnglandCash McHargueBoston, MAEvangelist
New EnglandMike KwasniewskiGroton, CTEvangelist
NorthwestAlex WhitakerSeattleEvangelist
NorthwestLuke DonatelloBellingham, WANext Gen
NorthwestLuke DonatelloBellingham, WANext Gen
NorthwestCheryl BoydPortland, ORWomen’s Ministry
NorthwestTui Vae’enaSeattle, WAEvangelist
Rocky MountainMeegan ZillmanDenverWomen’s Ministry
Rocky MountainChris Zillman**DenverEvangelist
Rocky MountainDustin PeckmanDenverNext Gen
Pacific & SouthwestMike UptonLos AngelesElder
Pacific & SouthwestForest VerselePhoenix
Pacific & SouthwestAmeer BurtonAntelope ValleyNext Gen
Pacific & SouthwestGregg MarutzkyAntelope ValleyEvangelist/Teacher
Pacific & SouthwestAnthony GalangOahuEvangelist
Pacific & SouthwestSteve MoriciLos AngelesEvangelist
Pacific & SouthwestJoe SilipoSan DiegoEvangelist
Pacific & SouthwestRafael Lua*Los Angeles
Pacific & SouthwestGriselda LuaLos AngelesWomen’s Ministry
TexasDave Hooper**AustinEvangelist
TexasAngela WensHoustonWomen’s Ministry
TexasWill LambertSan AntonioNext Gen
TexasMark ManciniDallasEvangelist
TexasChristian Ray FloresAustinEvangelist