Zi Long (third from the right) is a Radiography sophomore student at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. He is also a high school classmate of our young Christian brother, Thomas, who invited Zi to the Hong Kong church around a year ago.

Zi is a clever young man, yet it was challenging to build deep relationships with others. As a result, he kept distance from even his family. When he headed back home to visit his relatives, his faith and motivation to seek God was greatly discouraged.

Nevertheless, Thomas never gave up sharing his faith and demonstrating God’s love to Zi . After almost a year of studying the Bible, Zi was deeply moved by Thomas and the brothers’ persistent love. Even during the troubling times of the COVID-19 situation, the brothers made every effort to walk with Zi. Zi finally learned how to genuinely appreciate others and realized for the first time how his selfishness brought hurt to those who love him. Zi summoned all his courage and shared his desire to become a disciple with his family. In the end, he gave up everything to follow Jesus!

Zi is using his brand new life to encourage even more people. His life is definitely a testimony that even in tough times, the Gospel is the only thing that can truly save souls.

Glory to our Almighty God!