May 31, 2022 will be the last day for all domestic refunds for any reason, which has been extended for one month beyond our previous refund policy.

Here’s the updated refund policy:

  • USA: 25% refunds until May 31, 2022, no refunds after that date
  • International: Refunds are available until June 30, and for those who cannot come due to visa rejection we will honor additional refunds until July 15th.

VIRTUAL: If you just leave your registration in place and do not cancel – you will automatically receive an email for VIRTUAL ACCESS! This will occur shortly before the conference begins. Or, as previously offered, you can register for Virtual and request a partial refund until May 31, 2022. So please consider just leaving your registration in place. Or to register for VIRTUAL, click this link:


We are releasing any of our contracted inventory back to the HOTELS to sell to the public. You may find that hotel inventory is becoming limited, so please reserve now! There are many rooms available at the Hilton, which is the closest hotel to the Convention Center! Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza are also close, and great hotels! Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando is a bit further of a walk, but incredibly low rates! Space at the Hyatt Regency is limited, but a great option as well. We will re-open up the other overflow hotels once we sell more inventory at our contracted hotel blocks. If you reserve a hotel through another third-party website, we cannot manage your reservation in any way. Also, by contract, you will not get lower rates except through our portal.

To register for the WDS2O22 conference, or to find information about childcare, hotels, discounts, schedule, FAQ, becoming an exhibitor or sponsor, and anything else, visit

SUPPORT WDS2O22: We still have about 14,000 people registered for the WDS2022 and more are signing up every day! But we have also experienced more than 4,000 cancellations since 2019. Approximately half of all international attendees have had to cancel. We are still trying to do right by all of our attendees and understand the hardship many are facing. At the same time, we as the conference hosts are facing financial liabilities and we are expected to fulfill all of our obligations as well. Any help or financial support you can give to offset the cost of these losses would be appreciated. To make a donation, click below: