Over the last weekend in May, the Missions Training Academy (MTA) held its first in-person event in over two years in Johannesburg Church of Christ. Dr. Bill and Kristin Moulden (from St Louis, MO) were the guest speakers at the Marriage and Family class, and a congregational workshop.

Evangelist and teacher, Paul Smith, hosted the event along with two other Southern African teachers, Neil Trollip and Solly Kganyago. Some of the topics included, How Parenting Shapes Us, Navigating Puberty, The Influence of Social Media, and a special class for Single Parents. A panel of young adults shared their experiences at the congregational workshop.

Paul Smith said, “It was so encouraging to be able to host a physical MTA class again! As grateful as I am for online platforms that have aided us immensely since COVID-19 hit, nothing quite beats physical, in class, learning. I felt incredibly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to learn from the Mouldens. Their life and ministry experience spoke volumes, and their teaching style was engaging, practical and fun!”

Here’s feedback from some of the parents:

Chris Rathebe: “One cannot thank the church leadership enough for organizing this event, and we’re thankful to God. Two points stood out for me: Make it personal. Joshua didn’t just bring everybody to the assembly as a religious act, he pledged himself and his family. The second one was, ‘No discipline before training and love.’ Train, love and then discipline.”

Tsepo May: “The panel gave parents an opportunity to hear the perspectives from their sons and daughters. I also appreciated the recommended parenting best practices.”

Tendesayi Chakezha: “The lesson on social media stood out for me. I was reminded that social media is neutral—neither good nor bad. It’s about how my teen uses it. That it adds knowledge but not wisdom. My role is to help my teen develop the godly wisdom needed to navigate social media, and to remind my teen of God’s love, and set boundaries for her.”

Juju Rodrigues: “What resonated with my wife and I is the unconditional love we need to have for our kids, and not to be fearful because God is with us. It was a great learning experience and we’re taking new challenges home (to Angola) about what we’d want to do differently.”

The workshop was streamed live for those who couldn’t attend in-person.