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And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

Justin Renton
Chief Evangelist, Johannesburg, South Africa​
Roger Lamb
Founder & CEO Emeritus, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Lai-Yan Faller
Editor, Portland, Maine, USA
Susan Busack
Business Manager, Denver, Colorado, USA
Ashaki Sorrell
Assistant Editor, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Cheryl Parker
Associate Editor, Austin, Texas, USA
Nikki Nies
Editorial Assistant, Dallas, Texas, USA
Vida LiSik
Editorial Assistant, Johannesburg, South Africa
Naomi Wallace
Social Media, Seattle, WA, USA
Chris Walquist
DTHS Webmaster, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Keith Dalton
Technical Support, Johannesburg, South Africa
Benjamin Ali
Technical Support, Johannesburg, South Africa
Sunday Awolowo
Technical Support, Lagos, Nigeria
George Murray
DT TikTok @disciples_today Connecticut, USA
Elena Renton
DT TikTok @disciples_today Johannesburg, South Africa
Patrick Genova
All Nations App + Social Media, Connecticut, USA
Bill & Sally Hooper
DT Travel Coordinator & Host, Dallas, Texas, USA
David & Laura Witt
international News Bulletin, Denver, Colorado, USA
Shawn Sommerkamp
DT Connect Coaching, Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Edy Budiman
Disciples Today Hosting, Jakarta, Indonesia
Paul Ramsey
ICOC Church Survey, Texas, USA
Jerome Prakash
ICOC Church Survey, Bangalore, India