We recently announced our decision to plant a church in Merced, California in the fall of 2022. The planting is being supported by the four churches in central California: Antelope Valley, Fresno, Bakersfield and Sacramento.

Our new church planting in Merced California is looking for two paid campus interns as well as students, singles and empty nesters or recently retired disciples to join us in this exciting opportunity to spread the gospel. Merced is home to UC Merced (12,000 students) and Merced College (15,000 students). We are hoping new students and transfers will join us in Fall, 2022. This will be the first church planting in California in more than twenty years. Please consider joining us.

The team is being led by John and Jan Oakes, who have been leading the church in Bakersfield the past three years. They have many years of experience shepherding singles, in the teaching ministry, and, now, in leading a smaller church. Merced is a beautiful and surprisingly affordable city, waiting for disciples to bring the gospel. Learn more at our website.

Perhaps God is calling you to take on this challenge.

If you have any interest or questions, please call John Oakes at 858-344-5323 or contact him at john.oakes@gcccd.edu.