We have a new church planting in Merced, California. Since our beginning in June 2022, the church has grown from four to 12 members, with three campus baptisms in the past month. We are seeking to hire both male and female full-time interns to work with our growing campus group. We are offering $1500/month plus room and board. The interns will be trained directly by John and Jan Oakes, who have experience leading a singles ministry, leading the Bakersfield Church of Christ, and now leading the new church planting in Merced. Merced is home to UC Merced (12,000 students) and Merced College (15,000 students). It is a surprisingly affordable city, and the gateway to Yosemite National Park. In addition to hiring campus interns, we are hoping new students and transfers will join us in Fall 2023. We also would love to have mature singles and couples join us in the work. Please consider joining us in this exciting mission work.

Learn more at our websitewww.mercedchurch.com

If you have any interest or questions, please call John Oakes at 858-344-5323 or contact him at john.oakes@gcccd.edu.