In 1987, God began a great work in Mexico City. Thirteen disciples from Boston went there with the dream of spreading the gospel and seeing churches built throughout Mexico, Central America, and South America. My parents (Jaime and Mimi De Anda) were part of that original mission team; I was seven years old, my sister was five, and my younger brother was one year old. As a child, I remember feeling like it was a great adventure we were on. I had no clue what was happening but as the years went on, I began to realize what our family was a part of and how amazing it was to be part of this adventure.

Fast-forward over 30 years later, and there are now 43 churches throughout Mexico and Central America with over 8,200 disciples in those churches! Now as an adult, I get to be part of the board of directors for the Mexico and Central America (MCA)Missions Society and be part of the continued work in this part of the world. Through many ups and downs, the disciples in the churches throughout Mexico and Central America are incredible examples of faith, perseverance, warmth, and deep conviction with a great vision for the next generation. Enjoy this video with a few stories of what God is doing and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Ruben De Anda

President, MCA Missions Society