Once upon a time, nine years ago in Mexico City…

Angel Esquivel and Andrew Almazan met and became friends and business associates, and their families also grew close. In 2018, when Andrew decided to pursue a graduate degree at Yale University, Angel joined him in the move from Mexico City to Southern Connecticut to assist with the business from Connecticut as Andrew pursued his graduate degree at Yale.

Meanwhile, through God’s design and plan, a rush of disciples from all over the world (Nigeria, Rwanda, Texas, Virginia, and Ukraine) suddenly and independently of each other decided to attend Yale University. Yale went from having zero to six disciples in the Yale Bible talk within one semester!

Among that number, Max and Zhenya Secor decided to move to Southern Connecticut from the mission field in Kiev, Ukraine as Max was accepted into the Yale doctorate program for chemistry. Among those who all of the sudden came to Southern Connecticut was Edirin Aghoghovbia who, from his home country of Nigeria, also made a faith-filled decision to attend Yale to pursue a graduate degree. Just as God would design it, Max and Edirin began to study the Bible with Andrew and Angel.

Think about that! God moved people from Ukraine, Nigeria, and Mexico and had them collide at Yale University just so they could get together and study his Word!

Not done yet…

In the fall of 2018, Andrew’s family came to the Mexico City Church of Christ by way of recommendation of a coworker and became members of the church. Andrew decided he wanted to continue to grow spiritually and decided while attending Yale he would attend the church in Southern CT. After studying the Bible with Max and Edirin, Andrew was baptized on March 3, 2019! Angel, inspired by Andrew’s decision and conviction, also decided to get serious about his relationship with God and on Friday, May 24, 2019 Angel was baptized into Christ in Connecticut!

Although their families were far from each other physically, they all pursued their walk with God wherever they found themselves and wherever God had them.


While Angel was studying the Bible in Southern Connecticut, Angel’s parents were simultaneously studying the Bible with Andrew’s parents back in Mexico City and only two days after Angel’s baptism, Angel’s parents were baptized!

This is a testimony of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of his people. It doesn’t matter any obstacle we think there may be for our friends and family to becoming disciples. Even if we are not there physically, God still has a plan, he is constantly moving people and orchestrating the perfect circumstances for us all and for our loved ones as well. We pray this is a reminder to us all to not grow weary as the Holy Spirit is at work in our friends and families lives and there is no obstacle that can’t be overcome.