Recent data collected by the Barna research center reveal that the burnout rate of pastors has reached crisis levels. The poll discovered that 38% of pastors were considering leaving the ministry permanently. 

A recent poll conducted by the Minister Health Committee of the ICOC revealed that 21% of ministers reported wanting to quit the full-time ministry but feel they cannot. Of those who wish to leave the ministry, burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious stress are often cited as the primary reasons.

These numbers are extremely concerning. Many good-hearted devoted disciples of Jesus have been courageously persevering, endeavoring not to be crushed by the weight of leadership and responsibility. They are dutiful, responsible, and loyal leaders who do not always know how to take care of their souls properly. As global statistics reveal alarming rates of stress, anxiety, and depression, ministers and lay leaders are at the forefront of this onslaught.

The Minister Health Committee has been working diligently to provide encouraging education and training for spiritual, emotional, and mental health. Working together with The Way Ministry, a workshop will be offered this October specifically for those who serve in the full-time ministry. Guest speakers Dr. Sean St. Jean, Pedro Garcia-Bengochea, and Doug and Mae Lovgren will be addressing healing, trauma, and building healthy church cultures. We encourage you to attend and learn how to process and thrive in the midst of the ministry challenges we face. 

Join us on October 19, 2023 at 9am Central Time. Click here to register.

ICOC Minister Health Committee

Robert Carrillo, Pedro Garcia-Bengochea, Melina Hutchins, Sean St. Jean, Doug & Mae Lovgren, Joel Peed, Shann Perkins, Lashell Pope, Stevi Wood

ICOC Ministry Trauma and Wellness Workshop