The first phase is to develop more ministry education among our churches. Six of the eight members of our team will focus on comparing notes from our main education efforts around the churches. We hope to eventually develop a plan that will benefit a larger audience as well as examine the benefits of onsite teaching: both seminar and extended, online and other combinations.

We recognize we need more experience. For instance, Gordon Ferguson is moving further along helping to develop the Asia / Pacific Leadership Academy. Douglas Jacoby, though declining to be on the team because of the pressure he is experiencing from his publishers—has agreed to serve as an advisor. He developed the AIM program used by many Christians. In Chicago we are launching a five year effort in February in a unique format designed to focus on competency on a broad range of topics. In Mexico City Arturo Elizarraras developed a Latin America Diploma program in use for the last five years and is using online teaching for multiple sites with multiple teachers from around the world.

A second phase for this service group is the development of teaching material for Christians. Fred Faller in Boston, Tom Jones and others from the team will focus on this effort. It is clear that both feeding the flock and the teaching of Christians to be self-feeders is vital. (Ephesians 4)