The purpose of the missions committee has been:

  • to access the opportunities and resources we have on a global scale to fulfill our mission. As well as,
  • to evaluate our efficiency and organization in accomplishing God’s mission around the world.

This year our focus has been to address the financial needs of ‘giving churches’ and ‘receiving churches’. Our proposal to the international Delegates Meeting is for the ‘giving churches’ to maintain a consistent or yearly missions offering through 2020. This commitment to missions would allow the receiving churches to focus on building their churches. Our evaluation showed that many receiving churches still spend too much time year after year traveling to different churches seeking and scrambling for support. This affects their ability to build a multiplying ministry, which would save more souls and inspire the “giving churches.”

Our proposal and the ultimate goal for the ‘receiving churches’ is to move towards self-sufficiency. We recommend the model used by the African churches that has been effective to support missions within their local geographic areas. Their model includes a 5-point practical plan. Our committee recommends this platform be shared with all ‘receiving churches’ for consideration and implementation. This plan involves eliminating wasteful spending by monitoring and evaluating church expenses as well as establishing boards with a clear mission and vision for their geographic area including quarterly reports and proper church audits. Also, we are encouraging a five year challenge to grow, raise up leaders and invest in next generation ministries.