“They replied, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.’” – Acts 16:31

There was great jubilation in the Egbeda region of the Lagos church when Joseph Ahiri, a young man in his early thirties, got baptized and was added to the body of Christ.

When Joseph attended a bible discussion located in Egbeda led by a wonderful couple, Lanre & Omoh Agbesanwa, little did he know what God has in store for him. Shortly after attending the discussion, he resolved to study the bible and made the decision to surrender to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, Joseph’s mother, Madam Comfort was concerned and worried about this new change and the dedication of her son to this new church. She called her daughter to express her concerns and pleaded that she talk Joseph out of attending this church but her daughter informed her that she already know the virtues, standards and teachings of the ICOC since she was privileged to study the bible with the church back in her university days and also encouraged her mother to attend the fellowship.

This assurance from her own daughter influenced Madam Comfort’s decision to start attending bible talk, church service and she too made a decision to start studying the bible. Few months later, she decided to make Jesus Christ the Lord of her life as she was baptized into Christ, preceding her son Joseph’s baptism by some weeks.

God’s purpose and plan is for our family members to one day embrace a relationship with Him, through faith in Christ Jesus. Let prayer and love continue to motivate our decisions to win our families to Jesus.

To God be the glory. Amen!

Shared from ICOC Nigeria