On Sunday, July 24th, the Toronto Church (Milestone) was moved and inspired by Justin Renton’s sermon entitled “I Want to Know Christ.” As lead evangelist of the Johannesburg Church in South Africa and the Director of Disciples Today, Justin ministered an unforgettable lesson focusing the church on Jesus. 

In his message, he shared five things we can all do to know Jesus better. Creatively presented as a mnemonic, Justin used each letter of Jesus’ name to inspire us to focus on heavenly things, stop fighting the wrong battles, and seek to see Jesus in others.

Drawing from Paul’s letters to Timothy and the churches in Philippi and Corinth and his own personal experiences, Justin encouraged us to remember that we’re not alone in any challenging circumstance we face and to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by continuing to serve.

Besides joking about not having had a chance to eat one of our national delicacies, the famous “Beaver Tail,” we were heart-warmed to know that Justin and his family enjoyed visiting our fair city and worshipping with us.

The Toronto Church was truly blessed by the mature lesson we heard, delivered with great warmth, empathy, and no shortage of practical ways to apply it to our lives!

Be inspired by the full message here.