We are overjoyed to share that our congregation in Medellín had the privilege of hosting the National Discipleship Conference from June 16-19, 2023. The theme was “The Art of Scripture Reading: The Pillars of Bible Study.” The event brought together brothers and sisters from congregations across Colombia. This gathering was dedicated to the study and interpretation of scripture, and it was a remarkable opportunity for fellowship with more than 200 disciples. It was the first of its kind in our country, focusing on the specific topics we explored.

The main objective of this encounter was to deepen our understanding of scripture interpretation and biblical study. The Bible is a sacred book that contains divine wisdom and teachings, and grasping its message requires dedication, knowledge, and an open attitude toward the revelation that God wants to communicate through it.

We were honored to have two special guests join us during these days of spiritual enrichment. Arturo Elizarraras, a respected Bible teacher and director of the Proyecto Esdras Foundation, shared his extensive knowledge and experience through two insightful classes and a special gathering with our church family. His remarkable journey and commitment to teaching the Scriptures make him a highly regarded figure among our brothers and sisters.

Furthermore, we were privileged to have the presence of Esteban Brown, a beloved teacher and missionary who has dedicated more than two decades of his life to serving Latin America. Esteban delivered a captivating class on exegesis and hermeneutics and delivered a powerful sermon during our Sunday service. His unique insights and perspectives greatly contributed to our congregation’s understanding of the relevance of scripture in our daily lives.

Throughout the National Discipleship Encounter, we engaged in eight master classes that allowed us to delve deeply into the study of scripture. These classes were a collaborative effort involving the guest teachers, local instructors from our congregation, as well as the elders and preachers. They provided us with valuable hermeneutical and exegetical tools, enabling us to comprehend the original meaning of biblical texts and effectively apply their teachings to our everyday experiences.

In addition to the classes, we organized a panel for questions and answers, where attendees had the opportunity to seek clarification on various topics discussed during the encounter. We also fostered moments of fellowship and camaraderie during the breaks, strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood among members from different congregations. It was a beautiful occasion for sharing experiences, testimonies, and insights related to the study and interpretation of the Bible.

The National Discipleship Encounter concluded with a leadership retreat tailored to the dedicated servants of each congregation in Colombia. This retreat provided a platform for leaders to exchange reflections, and strategies, and address the challenges they face in their roles as preachers within their respective churches.

We hope that this encounter serves as a catalyst for future events focused on the study of the Bible, allowing us to continue growing in our faith and knowledge of God’s Word.