We’re so excited to share how God opened up the door for my husband, Chris Piorkowski, and I to share our stories of heartache to hope in our new book, Journey From Heartache to Hope: Has God Tested Your Faith Yet…? We believe God wants his message of hope and faithfulness to go out into the world and we are humbled that he is using us to do it in this book.

Chris is an award-winning composer, artist and educator and has scored over 40 feature and short films as well as many TV commercials. When the media got word of his story and how he cared for, and laid down his life for his late wife, they wanted to publish it. His story was initially published in Magic Image Hollywood Magazine and then in Passion Vista magazine. He did some work for TBN, including scoring for a document series called “Inexplicable,” that explores the miraculous growth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. TBN found out about the magazine articles, and Chris’ story, and in June of 2022 asked him if he would write a book about it. The book would be published by TBN’s publishing group, Trilogy Christian Publishing.

Around this same time, Chris was ready to start dating again. Through a mutual connection in the church, we met in June 2022 and then began dating the next month. I had just come out of a season of grief and heartache and wasn’t really excited about going on a date again. God had other plans and a purpose for us to be together. He worked it out amazingly and perfectly. As we got to know each other, we realized that we had both gone through a lot of heartache, even grieving the loss of a spouse in 2018, around the same time, without knowing each other.

At this point, Chris’ story had only been a story of heartache, but once I came into his life, he realized that God again was giving him hope. He wanted to share my story in his book because as he said, I was the hope to his story. At the same time, God was also giving me hope again and working miracles, as I had also come out of a season of grief from 2018 to 2021.

We worked for months together on writing and editing the book, and it was officially released to the public on February 10, 2023. Our prayer is that this book will point people to God, and equip them as they might go through their own hardships. We pray that it would encourage, build the faith of, and give hope to anyone who reads it. To God be all of the glory for his goodness, faithfulness, mercy, and love.

The book is now available for order through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Video commercials can be found on YouTube and Vimeo.