We are very excited to introduce Big Emotions, Seeds of Faith , a book for families with young children, co-authored by Pam and Kim Bowers, a mother-daughter duo in the Valley Christian church in Las Vegas, Nevada. God has been working in their lives for the past 20 years to help bring this dream to fruition. What began as a young mom trying to figure out how to help her young children with their emotions and to learn how to please God has evolved into Smooth Sailing Co., producing practical and accessible tools for families of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

The story starts 24 years ago when Pam and her husband began their mission to raise their two children to proactively navigate their emotions in a way that glorified God. Without many tools available, Pam created her own. She purchased whatever children’s books she could find and used the pictures to support her own discussions with her children. Learning along the way, Pam would highlight the self-controlled responses in the books she found, while also discussing the un-regulated responses the books also displayed, so that her children could visualize and grasp the concepts at a level that they would understand. She made it a priority to weave in scripture and prayer throughout the discussions so that everything she was teaching her children was anchored in the Word. Many of her friends encouraged to create her own book series using the effective techniques. But God had other plans, as the timing was not right.

As her daughter Kim grew up, she and Pam forged a best friend relationship as sisters in Christ. Kim developed a deep love of children and was very intrigued with all of the things that help foster positive development. Seeing how God had pursued her throughout her upbringing, Kim understood that God was the root from which positive development grew. Out of this interest and faith, she studied Psychology in college and eventually earned a Master’s of Education in Elementary Education. Through tears and laughter, it was in the classroom that Kim understood what the true ingredients were for children’s success: God’s Word, healthy boundaries, lots of love, and opportunities to learn in practical ways. Many of the book’s strategies and scenarios come from her time as a teacher, inspired by the everyday happenings that she was privileged to be part of.

Fast-forward to 2020. God opened many doors for Pam and Kim as they teamed up as partners to combine their God-given talents and experiences to bring the dream God planted so long ago to reality…and Smooth Sailing Co. was born! They published their first two books Big Emotions, Seeds of Faith and Big Emotions, Stepping Stones in the fall of 2020.

There are two editions: Seeds of Faith and Stepping Stones . The Seeds of Faith edition uses scripture and prayer alongside a practical section to cement emotion regulation through a lens of faith. The Stepping Stones edition examines the same scenarios but through a lens of guiding principles and calm-down tips. Both editions work to equip parents with the tools to navigate these conversations with their children, while also providing children with the skills to work through their big emotions.

The books are now available for order through their website: www.smoothsailingbooks.com. You can also purchase them online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram (@smoothsailingbooks) for more parenting tips and information on their upcoming books Big Hearts, Seeds of Faith and Big Hearts, Stepping Stones.


“Between Pam and Kim’s experience and education, they have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of child development and applying practical biblical foundations. They help parents connect the dots between biblical principles and practical application. Their new book series has evolved out of their God-given dreams, talents, and desire to help families develop faith together. We wholeheartedly recommend their books as a wonderful tool for parents, caregivers, and anyone working with young children.”

– Delano & Nadine Stewart, ministry leaders of Valley Christian in Las Vegas, NV

“Speaking as a mother of a toddler, this gem of a book facilitates age-appropriate conversations which help our children articulate, validate and navigate their big emotions. I deeply appreciate that this scripture-filled book highlights compassion over compliance as we strive to raise self-aware, Jesus-loving humans.”

– Mallory Melcher-Post, Woven in Truth Podcast Host, Youth & Family Ministry Leader, San Diego Church of Christ

“We have really enjoyed Big Emotions, Seeds of Faith . We love that this is a book that you don’t read to your children, but with your children. The illustrations, questions and scripture work so well together leading to great discussion about real-life emotions and tools to help guide children through them. As parents of four kids, the book comes to life in a different way with each kid. Another highlight of the book is the diversity of the characters throughout. We look forward to sharing this book with other families!”

– Michael & Kristen Lamb, ministry leaders, Boston Church of Christ