In August of this year, the churches in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky are taking the gospel to the other end of their state and planting a church in the city of Bowling Green. And we are asking you to consider joining them as they embark on this exhilarating mission to advance God’s kingdom and see his will be done! Bowling Green, located in a pivotal position in south central Kentucky, is the third largest and single fastest growing city in the state, thus serving as the gateway to both the western and southern part it’s state. It also is also home to Kentucky’s second largest university, Western Kentucky University, and another strong technical college, KCTCS. With a thriving manufacturing environment and as Forbes describes “a city currently transitioning to a technical and knowledge based economy,” this city is ripe for tremendous and continuous growth in its future. Through many prayers and petitions, the Kentucky churches are convinced that this must be the next step in order to bring God’s kingdom to the ends of our state lines. If you are interested and/or believe God could be calling you to become a part of the BGC mission team please reach out to Jimmy and Kathryn Black at 440-728-7337 or by email at May his Kingdom come, and may his will be done in Bowling Green as it is in heaven.