Editor’s Note: Jerry and Judy met on DT Heart & Soul (DTHS) and were married in January 2023. Jerry is from Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA and Judy is from Athens, Georgia, USA. They share their story here.

Jerry is a grocery store manager and Judy is a nurse who both signed up for DTHS. They connected in July 2019 when they were both on the site, then in March of 2020, Judy reached out to him to see how he was doing during COVID and they bonded over their mutual front line jobs.

They began their friendship by messaging each other through the DTHS app and then moved their conversation to email. For a year during COVID they kept learning about each other and Jerry invited Judy to join his Zoom Bible talk group. Judy was able to see first-hand how Jerry interacted with his ministry, and the geographic distance felt smaller with Zoom.  

With COVID restrictions and the 14-day quarantine in New Mexico, Jerry and Judy didn’t meet until after the first year of talking. In June 2021, Jerry headed to Athens and met Judy and her three adult children. Then in October, Judy visited Las Cruces and realized that they needed to live in the same city for a bit in order to be serious about the relationship. Judy spent the summer of 2022 in Las Cruces and on a hike near the end of the visit, Jerry proposed. Jerry and Judy wed on January 7, 2023 and have been living in Las Cruces ever since.

In their own words…

Jerry: Before meeting Judy, I was a widow and content being single. I didn’t have plans to marry again. Often, I would have people living with me, but when I had the house to myself, some brothers encouraged me to try out DTHS. Since I wasn’t going to fight against God, I told myself I would try it out for three months. I did my due diligence in reaching out to people, prioritizing meeting someone who loved God first, and renewed my DTHS membership with a free month using the Valentine’s Day Promo. This is when Judy messaged me. 

Judy: I had been single for six years and since nothing I was doing was clicking, I didn’t see the harm in trying out DTHS. A friend suggested I try and not be discouraged if people didn’t respond. I was looking for someone with the same faith. I knew God knew the times, places, and dreams of my heart and the more we dated, the clearer it became I’d have to move (since Jerry was a grocery store manager). I kept telling myself, God, wherever you want me to be. If you don’t want me to have this, cut it off…and God didn’t.

They are so thankful for DTHS for creating the opportunity God had for them.

DTHS Editors: Jerry and Judy, thank you for sharing your story with all your brothers and sisters!