The Springfield Church of Christ is seeking disciples from any walk of life to move to the capitol of Illinois to make a spiritual impact that will last into eternity! The congregation was planted about 25 years ago, and is a close-knit family of over 30 disciples, many of whom have been disciples for decades.

The church will be led by Joshua & Michelle Lutz, who have spent the last six years leading the campus ministry of the nearby Champaign Church of Christ. They look forward not only to helping the Springfield Church grow, but they are also excited about strengthening the bond between the Springfield Church and our neighboring congregations in Champaign and Bloomington, IL, as well as other churches across our Midwest family of churches.

This is a great opportunity for incoming college students, young professionals looking for a new adventure, families with young children, and empty-nesters alike. It is our ambition to build a team of faithful disciples who love the Lord deeply and desire to serve his Kingdom. This Springfield support team will kick off in August 2021.

Do you think that you or someone you know should consider taking a “One Year Challenge” in Springfield, Illinois? Are you interesting in moving to Springfield? We would love to hear from you!

Please fill out this form to get in contact with us. You can also find more information about the Springfield Mission at our One Year Challenge site page.