In Crossing the Line: Culture, Race and Kingdom, Michael Burns opens the doorway into dialogue and discussion of race and its impact on the culture and kingdom of God. Issues of racism, race, and culture bring out deep passion and potential conflict in the world; and because disciples live in this world, they affect us, our mission, and our unity. Every potential problem like this, though, can be a pitfall or a platform. It can be our undoing or an amazing opportunity to put the power and wisdom of the true gospel on display.

The real problems that threaten division within the body are not race or skin color as such, but history, culture, perspective, and the solutions that are typically offered by the world. Michael examines these agents of division before delving into the true answers found in God’s word. The good news is that perhaps the biggest cause of internal strife and division in the early church was the issue of ethnicity and culture. That means that the New Testament scriptures are full of principles and teaching that will propel us forward in our search to be the unified people of God that he has called us to be.

Michael Burns is a teacher in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Church of Christ. He is a graduate of Wesley Seminary of Indiana Wesleyan University (MA). He taught high school history in the central city of Milwaukee for nearly 10 years. He is a national and international biblical teacher at churches and workshops.

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  • “When reading Michael’s book, I literally ran out of superlatives to describe each chapter. Early on, I predicted that it would easily be the best book ever written on culture and race from both biblical and practical perspectives…” – Gordon Ferguson, teacher, DFW Church of Christ, Dallas Texas
  • As a black man who has been a disciple for 35 years and served 17 years in the full-time ministry, I just wanted to read the entire book without stopping. Everything I read addressed a concern I had but did not know how to express. I no longer have to be the voice of reason on race. Michael’s book does it for me with far more palatable language and exponentially more spirituality.” – Tony Chukes, Denver, Colorado
  • I knew that Michael Burns’ Crossing the Line: Culture, Race, and Kingdom would be a compelling read. As I jumped in, I found myself learning things that I should have learned in my youth. There are many choice morsels that Michael brings to a discussion that is both timely and necessary. I believe that Crossing the Line will provide insights that give us pause for self-reflection and conversation starters for meaningful dialogue.” – Steve Staten, Bridging International, organizational health consultant, Chicago, Illinois