Since 1991, the Nordic Family of Churches has been gathering every summer for our Nordic Missions Conference. However, due to Covid, we have not held the conference the last four summers – until now! And every year we have a few brothers and sisters join from around the globe, which is always exciting. This year, to celebrate our reuniting (and it feels so good!) we would like to cordially invite any and all to come!

Join hundreds of disciples from all different life stages August 6-11th for a Nordic archipelago experience. Move between the beaches, the sports activities, bungalows and the meeting arena for party, relaxation, adrenaline, and spiritual enrichment over a multi-day holiday and conference experience that you won’t soon forget.

We are very excited to host this year’s guest speakers, Chris and Meegan Zillman, who lead the church in Denver, Colorado. 

Registration and pricing can be found here:

We hope to see you soon! 

Shane McDowell, on behalf of the Nordic Family of Churches