This exciting news is a life-long dream for Reese and comes after months of intense training and competition throughout this ski season. All that hard work culminated in an incredible showing during the Olympic qualifiers and the US National Cross Country Championships on January 5th and 8th, 2018. In the Olympic qualifiers, Reese placed third in the Freestyle Sprint and first in the Classic Sprint. He went on to win the 2018 US National Championship in both the Freestyle and Classic Sprint races. This totals four US National Championship titles for Reese! These championships did not guarantee a spot on the Olympic team, but after almost three weeks of uncertainly, the US Olympic Ski Team announced its selections with Reese on the roster. Amazingly, Reese’s biggest competition on the road to the Olympics has been his own brother, Logan Hanneman, who placed first in the Freestyle Sprint Olympic qualifier, and second in the Classic qualifier. Talk about sibling rivalry! Logan was also selected for the Olympic team, and now, the brothers will represent the United States together on the world’s biggest sports stage! Join the Great Land Christian Church in congratulating and rooting for Reese and Logan!