The Omaha church seeks a male intern. Two sisters, currently part of the church, will be accepting intern roles in early 2022.

Omaha has a campus ministry at University of Nebraska – Omaha (UNO). Student population at UNO is roughly 16,000 and continues to expand its on campus housing options. The school continues to transition away from primarily being a commuter college.

The existing campus ministry consists of 10 disciples.

This paid internship will involve discipling, on campus evangelizing and leading Bible studies for the entirety of 2022.

In the not-too-distant future, the Omaha church and the Heartland region, plan to plant a church in Lincoln, Nebraska where the primary campus of the University of Nebraska is located, about an hour west of Omaha. This internship could be an opportunity to be a part of that expansion.

Any brother interested in discovering if paid ministry might be a calling, or if being called to serve in this capacity as a season of life, please give us consideration.

If you are interested, contact Daniel Reyna at 323-718-0744, or via email at