Dr. G. Steve Kinnard’s latest book, The Outward Spiritual Journey, takes a look at the spiritual disciplines—relationships, evangelism, simplicity, service, and daily discipleship. Dr. Kinnard views these spiritual disciplines primarily through the lens of Jesus. This book is now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

The book completes Dr. Kinnard’s five-volume series entitled, “The Way of the Heart.” This series focuses on spiritual formation and the spiritual disciplines. Volumes in The Way of the Heart series include:

  • Volume One—The Way of the Heart: An Introduction to Spiritual Formation
  • Volume Two—Walking the Way of the Heart: Practical Lesson on Spiritual Formation
  • Volume Three—The Way of the Heart of Jesus—The Inward Spiritual Journey: Bible Study, Prayer, Meditation, Fasting
  • Volume Four—The Upward Spiritual Journey: Worship, Surrender, Repentance
  • Volume Five—The Outward Spiritual Journey: The One Another Way, Evangelism, Simplicity, Service, Daily Discipleship