In Taiwan, a great door has been opened. Here is a message from the leaders of the OYC site in Taipei City:

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan has now opened its borders for foreigners who want to learn Mandarin Chinese. What’s more, each student will be offered a monthly stipend of NT $25,000 (almost US$900). If you intend to enroll in the semester starting September 2021, the deadline for applying for the stipend is March 31. Please take hold of the opportunity and spread the news!

While most of the world is in lock down, Taiwan has always been going about its daily lives since 2020.

Work and school have never been interrupted except for a couple of months early last year. We have been able to freely move around, have church services, share our faith, go to school, work and travel locally. Now is the best time to take part in Taiwan’s One Year Challenge and to learn Mandarin Chinese. If you feel God’s calling, take action now!

You can check out more about the Taiwan OYC site and other locations on the OYC website.

To apply for the Chinese language program, click here.

If you are moved to take the challenge, apply for the language program as soon as possible, register for the OYC and/or connect with us on Facebook! God will provide as we seek Him first and aim to do His will!

If you are ineligible for the language program or not interested in it, there are other ways in!

You might be eligible for the Employment Gold Card to make coming to Taiwan easier. See how you can get the 4 in 1 visa!