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Northern Virginia Church of Christ seeks Part-Time Chief Financial Officer

The Northern Viriginia Church of Christ seeks a part-time Chief Financial Officer.

Harvest 2024: Grow in Worship, Create Community at Camp Hope for Kids

Join Harvest 2024, a worship retreat at Camp Hope for Kids on July 4-6, 2024.

International News Bulletin May 5, 2024

Here is the INB for this week! The International News Bulletin is a service to help connect disciples and churches…

RevivEE 5.0 Team – Preparing for Launch

Forty-two courageous and sacrificial souls are packing up their bags and getting ready to spend 10 months in Eastern Europe…

Healing from Harassment

Sexual harassment affects millions of girls around the world, causing feelings of shame and worthlessness.

“A Kingdom Divided Cannot Stand” Workshop May 4

This is second in a series of workshops this year from church leaders, teachers and others for fostering and maintaining…

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