We are excited to share that a 15 year-old teen Michelle was baptized on 28th April, 2019. Michelle’s parents, King and Cyan’s exemplar of faith is very inspiring and we are super proud of our youth team in NT Youth sector. Our salute to their unfailing love and perseverance in serving the teens.

Michelle is a kingdom kid since birth, the only daughter of Cyan and King. The year Michelle was born is also the year her father was diagnosed with blood cancer. She has always been a very independent and rational girl. Due to her strong character and gifted abilities, she was accepted to one of the best secondary schools. She was also the youngest team captain of the Chinese debate team in her school.

We have studied with her twice. The first time, she was not fully committed and convicted in surrendering her old ways and following God’s. She didn’t see the urgency in changing or giving up her old self as she thought her ways were still able to help her get through life.

After the study ceased for a few months, God humbled her through the breakdown of her emotions and stress from debate teams, friendships and academics. She realized her hardness of heart stemmed from being self-centered and prideful; wanting to put her emotions on the shelf and not deal with hurts in relationships.

In her second study, she became very humble and quick in responding to God’s words. Her repentance and faith is easy to see. She opened up to her father after 15 years about her fear of losing him, apologized to her mom for her ungratefulness in taking her love for granted and apologized to her teachers for not respecting them in class because of her pride. The joy and freedom from her repentance further strengthened her faith in God and encouraged her to love the people around her. She was excited about building new friendships with non-xian kingdom kids and inviting her own school friends to church. In debate team, she also glorified God by standing up for her teammate who was being bullied in the group.

God has replaced her heart of stone with a heart of flesh. Michelle is now an emotionally expressive, giving and passionate teen girl who is ready to shine for God. We are grateful to be able to witness this inspiring miracle, and her parents who have waited for 15 years to finally see their daughter coming home.

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” – 1 Corinthians 3:6