After several months of prayer, fasting, and discussions, the Boston Church of Christ eldership recently announced Kevin and Melissa Miller as lead evangelist and women’s ministry leader for the entire Boston Church. The Millers have led the Downtown region of the Boston Church for the last seven years and previously led the Boston campus ministry for 13 years. Kevin has served on the ICOC Campus Service Team and now serves on the board of the European Missions Society and as an instructor for the New England School of Missions. The Millers are known throughout our fellowship for their passion and zeal in raising up youth and reaching the next generation, as well as creating a church culture of close-knit, deep relationships.

“This is truly one of the great honors of our lives. The Boston Church is a treasure and we are honored to be chosen to lead it,” said Kevin. “We pray to God that Boston can be a beacon light for the world, to inspire a revival among us so that the gospel can continue to be spread everywhere and to everyone and into the next generation.”

The decision for the Millers to take on this role is born out of a desire to pass the torch to the next generation. Kevin was converted in Springfield, MA and a part of the UMass Amherst campus ministry where he first gained dreams for changing the world. It was during his college years that he met and later married Melissa. Melissa is the daughter of Wyndham and Jeanie Shaw, and grew up in the Boston Church, where she gained dreams for the full-time ministry. Before his passing in November of 2019, Wyndham served as an elder and evangelist for many years. His legacy of faith, wisdom, and love continues to be felt in the congregation to this day.

Prior to the Millers taking on this role, Javier and Kelly Amaya led the Boston Church with incredible faith, love, and compassion through a trying year in 2020. The church would like to thank the Amayas for their incredible service and heart for the congregation. The Amayas are heroes and their courage in the face of all the year’s challenges was exactly what we needed.

The Boston Church is looking forward to a new year of faith and joy as 2020 comes to a close. This year has looked so different from what we expected at the outset but to God’s glory, the church has seen 130 souls added to our number, most of whom were met and baptized in the middle of a pandemic and through virtual Bible studies. God is faithful and we look forward to a new year together!