Hannah Graham and AJ Francis – Bend, OR, USA • Jul 09, 2019

In June 2019, over a dozen individuals drove in from across the nation for the challenge of starting a house church in Bend, Oregon. Upon arriving, our group of media interns began working on a project. We are proud to present to you the first part of our documentary series entitled “Planted.” It gives viewers an inside look into the blessings and hardships the mission team experiences throughout the year. We hope these monthly videos will bring hope and inspiration to other growing house churches as we document our experiences in Bend.

Nadia Zimmerman, a sister from Florida who has joined the team says, “This planting has been really encouraging and growth promoting. There have been obvious highs for the mission team, but there have also been a few hardships and struggles we’ve faced. Through all our challenges, the team really grouped together in support and encouragement and lived out ‘building each other up’ together in mission and spirit.

“I have been so inspired by the faith of the disciples here,” says Max Plunkett from Florida. “It has been so amazing going on adventures as a family, going hiking, and sharing our faith downtown. Being here has really thrust me into a position to grow and to trust in God more than I thought I could.”

You will get to hear more from our mission team members throughout this documentary series as we grow and learn together. Stay tuned as we post a new video every month in this series!

While there are still a few more disciples who are making their way to Bend, the rest of the team has begun the work of reaching the lost, while growing closer to one another daily. We hope that other disciples will join our adventure, visiting for our inaugural service later this summer.

The celebratory inaugural service will be September 22nd, 2019 at Central Oregon Community College. More details can be found on our website by clicking here. If you are in the area, please consider joining us to celebrate our growing family! Thank you for all your consistent prayers and support!