The Colombo church in Sri Lanka had been planning for over eight months, towards the mission plantation to the city of Kandy. The church was waiting and looking forward to the 21st of April 2019. That was the date set to send out the mission team to Kandy. But on that date, the nation of Sri Lanka, witnessed the horrors of bomb blasts in churches and hotels in which more than 250 people were killed. Understandably, it took a few days for the nation to recover from the shock of the attacks. People were scared to go to work and schools were closed for three weeks. But the faith of the mission team was inspirational, as they were eagerly looking forward to go and preach about Jesus to the people in Kandy. The five member team consisted of brothers Ameer, Saddath, Ajanthan and sisters Dilini and Stefney. They were ready to plant seeds of peace promised by our Lord, during the times of terror. These brothers and sisters were eventually sent off on their mission on the 5th of May 2019 and the Kandy church held their very first service on the 12th of May, exactly a week later. The church had an attendance of 22 people for their inaugural service.

Rajini was one of those who were eagerly looking forward to the mission team’s arrival in Kandy. She had been part of the fellowship in the past and wanted to be part of it again. She attended the first service along with her husband and her three teen children. During the first week, Rajini got to study the Bible and on the following Sunday she was restored back in the fellowship. She eagerly desires for her children to accept the Lord as their personal Savior one day.

Indika, is a new friend who has started attending church and studying the Bible. He comes from a village close by and has communicated that many in his village are eager to hear God’s word. Ameer who leads the Kandy church will be taking the team to Indika’s village soon. God has been opening many doors for the gospel.

The mission team has been consistently reaching out to families who are studying the Bible. The mission team members are young and as singles they are doing a great job persevering and reaching out to those who are visiting. Christians from Colombo have been constantly visiting the Kandy church and encouraging them.

Please pray for the mission team in Kandy.