We at Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology are blessed to have over 35 ICOC Majority (Third) World students in our program. We rejoice in being able to train them in the Bible, Ministry, and Christian Counseling through our completely online programs. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality online programs for their being equipped for the work of ministry in their own country.

The students are excited about learning and have already been using many of the things they have been learning to take the Gospel to their part of the world. It is exciting to see them excel and bring Jesus’ word to their congregations.

We have been able to offer partial scholarships to our Majority World Students up to this point and but need your help to continue to offer scholarships for them in the future. Although our tuition cost for our Master’s Degrees is quite low when comparing tuition costs of similar programs at other institutions, it is still too much for those students to afford. The actual cost for each course is $600 USD. Please consider sponsoring a student for a course or two or sponsoring a student for their entire Master’s Degree Program. The entire Master’s Degree tuition cost for most of our Master’s Degrees is$8400 USD per student.

Here are a couple of testimonies of Majority World Students who are taking courses with us at RMSMT:

Hi, this Abraham from the Greater Chennai Church of Christ, Chennai, India. My wife and I have been serving in the fulltime ministry for past 22 years. I have been a student of the RMSMT for past two years. Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology has been an amazing blessing for my Christian life and has dynamically impacted my preaching and teaching capacity and effectiveness.

We entered ministry with no formal theological education. RMSMT is been a dream come true for many of us from third world countries, as we now can have access to such high quality education with such highly subsidized cost. We are very indebted and grateful for this opportunity.

In the past two years I have grown so much spiritually and in the skill of interpreting the Scriptures accurately. Lately the addition of a course on biblical languages has been a tremendous blessing, something that I have personally longed for.

We pray and desire to see RMSMT continue to be spiritual blessing to many all around the world and I am personally looking forward for many more years of education and association.

I began my MA in Biblical Studies at Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology in the Fall of 2017. Next to becoming a disciple of Jesus, enrolling in this program has been the best decision I ever made, for it allowed me to know God more and to grow in my personal relationship with him. Devoting myself to studying God’s word and applying it to my ministry have been a great investment of my time and God-given resources. So far I have finished five graduate courses. Each one has stretched and challenged me to dig much deeper into God’s word. The course on Family Ministry has equipped me to help those with mental health issues and teach other disciples to do the same. Jesus and Spiritual Formation has developed in me the discipline in praying. The other three courses (Christian Theology and World Religions, The Book of Acts, and Biblical Hermeneutics) have further honed my skills in writing sermons, essays, and reports. Taking these academic courses has strengthened my faith which I am able to share with the members of my Bible Talk, officemates and friends.

May God bless you as you help us in equipping ICOC students to take the gospel to the Majority world!

Please consider sponsoring a Majority World Student today. Donations can be given at rmsmt.org or by contacting Dr. Glenn Giles, RMSMT Director at the Denver Church of Christ (glenn@rmsmt.org) for more information.