November 1 is the due date to submit proposals to the Brotherhood Cooperation Proposal Group.  See the previous story and details published on 
Process:  We request that all proposals be sent by November 1, 2005 to:  We will prayerfully review all proposals, synthesize the best ideas from them, and by February 1, 2006, submit a recommended proposal for brotherhood consideration to our family of churches. 

Maintaining Connection

We ask all willing and able disciples to pray and fast with us on November 1, 2005 for the Spirit’s guidance and wisdom.  We ask that you continue to pray that the Spirit will work together through us so that the resulting proposal by February 1, 2006 is fruitful in answering the main questions as to how we will connect and cooperate maintaining the Spirit’s unity in the future.  We are committed to using the Bible as our standard and guide.  The New Testament reveals churches sharing their correspondence (Colossians 4:16, Revelation 1-3), working together to solve an inter-congregational problem (Acts 15:1-4), financially supporting missionaries and mission work (Philippians 4:14-18), cooperating in helping the poor saints in Judea (2 Corinthians 8:16-21), etc.   Although many of our congregations currently enjoy association with other sister congregations through cooperative mission efforts, historical ties and geographic proximity, there unfortunately remain others that feel isolated and unsupported or unsure as to how to proceed into the future.  Let us consider how to help all parts of our family.
The recent Seattle conference revealed the sincere, widespread desire for togetherness and cooperation in our fellowship.  There was a desire in the fellowship for new visions and improved plans to help our lost world receive the salvation of Jesus Christ.  Truly God has blessed our family of churches to now be composed of mature churches, young adult and very young churches. As we let our Heavenly Father lead this family, the overall mood of our fellowship indicates that the vast majority of our churches desire unity, cooperation, coordination while renouncing selfish ambition and competition.


All proposals should be sent to by November 1, 2005.  Watch for updates from this proposal group.  We solicit your prayers.
In Christ’s service,
Andy Fleming
Mike Fontenot
Scott Green
Philip Lam
John Louis
Sam Powell
Steve Staten
Mike Taliaferro
Bruce Williams