A super cyclone hit India and Bangladesh last week, killing almost 50 people and destroying hundreds of homes. More than 2.5 million people were evacuated between Odisha, India and Bangladesh in preparation for the cyclone. The following are reports from church leaders who have traveled to the area or been in touch with the church in Odisha (Orissa). Join the Global Prayer Chain to pray for these needs together with people around the world.

May 7, 1:46 pm, Francis Annareddy (evangelist who traveled to the location with few bags of needs):

Lack of power seems to be the biggest issue here – petrol is available at regular prices – drinking water is a bit scarce.

Two disciples houses whose roofs were asbestos sheets were affected- the whole greenery of city is lost – appears as a ghost-town at night without power – communication is an issue coz of towers being shattered.

Please continue to pray for the situation to get better – Henry and Arunima were able to get two hours of rationed power from today to charge their phones.

May 6, 9:24 am, Mukund Mishra, evangelist:

No electricity for the last three days – no ATM or any electronic transfer is accessible. No water supply for the last three days and to pump the water or buy it, they need cash which they don’t have now. It is is costing INR 2000/- per hrs to pump or 100/- 1 LTR water bottle.

No phone or communication, my son travelled 10 km away from Bhubaneswar to stay in touch with us last night.

Prices have skyrocketed and vegetables are costing 300-400 kg. Many roads are blocked. Disciples have lost houses and valuables.

Please keep them in your prayers, thanks.

May 3, from Henry and Arunima Gomes, who lead the church in Odisha:

Dear brothers and sisters,

This is an appeal for prayer. The eastern coastal state of Orissa in India has been hit by a super Cyclone Fani. Wind velocity is reported to be over 200 kms per hour. Large scale destruction has been happening since the night of May 2nd and the cyclone has not left the Bay of Bengal sea. It is expected to carry on tomorrow and all the way till the 5th of May all through the Bay of Bengal region.

Orissa is an under-developed part of the country with most living below the poverty line. Currently we are a church of 43 disciples in the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Most of the disciples are from the villages where many of their homes are reportedly getting damaged. A sister, Elesbon, who is a widow and lives alone has the roof of her house damaged. Another sister’s house has both door broken and roof of the house damaged.

We believe God is good and shall rescue us from this calamity and is our ever present help in times of trouble.