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The East Africa regional family of churches is located within East Africa, which is situated on the mid-eastern part of the continent of Africa. East Africa is made up of 13 countries, six of whom (Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia) form the East Regional family of churches.

We have had prayer retreats like the singles had one Kajiado. There are also all nights that are held by different ministries within our East African churches. The brothers at the Nairobi Church also had an all-night committing themselves into prayers which resulted into the Men’s Forum that recorded a huge attendance and was very impactful.

We have specific prayer requests for the churches in Kisumu, Luwero, Kigali, Rwanda and the Northern Bloc ministry in Nairobi. (Please note: when the Kisumu and Luwero articles are published, please link above)

General prayer requests:

We request for prayers in the following areas:

1. For our youth and family ministry to thrive, especially for our teenagers to become disciples. We have only 92 teenage disciples out of a teenage population of 351.

2. For the church in Nairobi to stem the decline in membership experienced in the last four years and start on the incline. This has also affected the finances of the Nairobi church. We pray that the church membership and the giving will and lead to the church being self-supportive.

3. For our three elders in training, in order that we may end up having elders in the Nairobi church before the end of 2019.

4. For churches that have remained small to grow in number. The Addis Ababa Christian Church was planted in 1992 and the membership is still less than 20 disciples. The Arusha Christian Church, planted in 1996,has a membership of just over 20. We pray for both financial and spiritual capacity to have committed teams to train and build these churches.

5. To raise more leaders from the congregation who will heavily support the ministry staff. We have seen growth in this area but much more is needed in order to close the gap of the loss of members.

6. To have full-time help for the churches that are being taken care of by volunteers.

7. Stability in the political landscape in Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi. This will create a working environment for the disciples and growth of the church.

Nairobi, Northern block:

The Nairobi Christian Church is divided into four blocks which are Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western. The Northern Block of the Nairobi Christian church consists of areas along the Thika highway. This includes Zimmerman, Mirema, Kimbo, Mwihoko, Rorie, Mwiki, Kahawa west, Galatians West (Pangani, Huruma, Mathare) and all the way to Thika town.

Prayer requests:

1. The Land case in court for the church facility.

2. The need to have stable families. There are couples that have had problematic marriages for a long time and are working through the situations.

3. The financial situations in the ministry with many who have lost their jobs and some whose businesses are down.

4. The need to baptize more in the ministry. We have many people studying but have had few baptisms since January 2019.

5. The need to train more leaders in the ministries and have all Bible talks running effectively by the end of 2020.

The Eldoret Church:

The church was planted in 1992 by a team of six students co-led by Rayola Osanya, then at the University of Nairobi, and Thomas Mundia, who was at Moi University, with four others. The church meets together in Eldoret town on Sundays for service and its growth has been phenomenal now boasting of a membership of 78 disciples, 30 brothers, and 48 sisters. With an average monthly attendance of 170 people, the church still continues to evangelize in Eldoret town under the leadership of Edwin and Evelyn Mahiga.

The Eldoret church takes care of Bungoma and Malaba whose membership is as follows:

· Bungoma has 16 disciples, 5 brothers and 11sisters

· Malaba has 7 disciples 2 brothers and 5sisters.

The prayer requests for the Eldoret Church are:

1. Nurture deep one-another relationships

2. Grow the campus ministry

3. Empower the men to embrace the leadership

4. United marriages

5. Reach out to and convert singles who will embrace leadership roles

6. Convert many of our teens

7. Finish our church building in Eldoret

8. Full-time ministers for Bungoma and Malaba Churches.

Kigali, Rwanda:

The church in Kigali, Rwanda has undergone lots of challenges after the government shut down about 8,000 official and unofficial churches, as well as 100 mosques, for failing to comply with health, safety, and noise regulations.

Prayer requests:

1. Prayer for renewal of the church registration in Rwanda – Kigali

2. For the disciples to remain faithful in the meantime as we are waiting for this church registration

3. For the Rwandan / Uganda boarder to be opened so that disciples in Rwanda can come over to Uganda and fellowship together, since currently they are not allowed to meet together! The Rwandese are prohibited from crossing over to Uganda.