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Kisumu is a major city within the western Kenya region with an approximate population of half a million people. It is the third largest city in Kenya.

Humble beginnings

The Kisumu Church of Christ, located in the western part of Kenya, 353 km from Nairobi, has a membership of 107 disciples with 69 disciples living within Kisumu Town. The church is served by evangelist Paul Nthei and his wife Betty, who serves as the women’s ministry leader. Both are in full-time ministry and oversee the satellite groups. They periodically travel to disciple the leaders who take care of the churches and Bible talks under their jurisdiction, as well as encourage the disciples in their faith.

Brief History

When Joseph Ouko got a job with Liverpool VCT in Kisumu branch in March 2006, here located to Kisumu City with his family and settled there. He immediately started a Bible talk in his house comprising of him, his wife Debra, and Jacky Awour, a sister who had previously moved to Kisumu.

After a month, they were joined by a brother who also had relocated to Kisumu and they had a Bible talk for about three months. Then they started having services in Joseph and Debras’ house; later on they got a location near town.

By the time they were joined by Paul and Betty in January 2010, they had some baptisms, and a number of disciples had relocated there, which brought membership to 26. The same year the church in Kisumu had 16 baptisms, and it was a good year of growth.

The Launch

The Kisumu church was launched officially in 2011. After many challenges, lack of growth and a lot of learning, our church started experiencing growth again by early 2015. We had a great year with nine baptisms and two restorations, and ended the year with 73 in membership. Our goal was 80 in membership, but we praise God for what was accomplished.

The Kisumu church is part of the Lake Region Churches which comprises of small churches and satellite Bible talks, under which are as follows:

1. Kakamega Church

The church has 13 disciples and is being led with the help of Judah and Irene Emali. The church is approximately 1.5 hrs from Kisumu town.

2. Luanda Church

The church has 19 disciples and is under the Kakamega church. It is led by James and Risper Opwondi, who were once in full-time ministry. James has been a disciple for 23 years and Risper for 25years. The church is approximately 45 minutes from Kisumu town.

3. Kisii Church

The Kisii Church has 17 disciples and is led by Elias and Maggie Aketch who are both 26 years as disciples and retired from full-time ministry. The church is approximately two hours from Kisumu Town.

4. Migori Bible talk

The Bible talk has seven disciples and was started in 2017. Jarvis and Scholar Akona, 17 and 20 years old in the kingdomrespectively, lead the Bible talk. Migori is a two to three hour drive from Kisumu.

5. Busia Bible talk

The Bible talk has five disciples and is situated at the Kenya and Uganda border point. It is led by Joseph and Maureen Ouma, who are nine and four years old respectively in the church. Busia is approximately two to three hours from Kisumu.

Prayer Requests

1. God to raise Bible talk leaders in all our churches, that is Kisii, Luanda, Kakamega and Busia and Migori Bible talks.

2. To have effective disciplers

3. Most of our churches lack good meeting facilities due to inadequate financing. Pray that God will provide.

4. God to provide finances to have a full time couple for the Kakamega and Luanda churches.

5. We look forward to officially launching the Kakamega and Kisii churches within the next two year.

6. Buying land for the Kisumu church of which we have locally raised Kenyan shillings over Kshs.700, 000/= Our goal is Kshs.3.5million