New Zealand is in shock and disbelief as we listen to our news outlets realising that the tragedy of a mass killing is not some far away place like the Middle East or Europe or America but in our own small country. People come to New Zealand to escape such atrocities. Many New Zealanders return home to raise families because of its safety and quality of life. Now a scale of murder has unfolded here that makes us all question the idealistic view that we once had, that something like this “would never happen in our country.” The answer to such hatred is to overcome evil with good, as our creator has taught us. As we grieve with those who grieve, pray for our country to actively expose the seeds and deeds of darkness so that more lives aren’t lost in similar circumstances. Pray for the Christians to be able to present the gospel clearly as the answer to evil in our world and the hope we have in all circumstances. Join in prayer with people around the world by signing up for the ICOC Global Prayer Chain.