Each week, we will be praying for a different region of the world through the Global Prayer Chain. Sign up and join people around the world in prayer!

This region covers over three South Indian states: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Telangana, and churches in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The languages spoken in this region are English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and Sinhalese.

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Prayer requests:

    • Gulbargamission Team – need lead couple and a devoted team
    • BangaloreChurch to outgrow 1400 members this year
    • Church inBellary to get new leadership
    • Pray forour satellite churches: KGF, Mysore, Hubli
    • Elders tobe raised up
    • Campusministry leaders to be raised up
    • Funds and members to be raised for Warangal mission team to be sent by 1st Qtr of 2019
    • Vijayawada to be fruitful and able in sending a mission team to the neighboring city of Guntur in AP
    • For Hyderabad to be the Mission training center for Telangana and AP
    • To raise local leaders to lead these churches
    • Pray for the Hyderabad church to buy a hall
    • Pray for Colombo Church in Sri Lanka to raise enough funds and form team to send Kandy Mission Team as per plan in April 2019
    • Pray for many single sisters to come forward to be in the ministry by January 2019
    • For the church to become financial self supportive in the next five years
    • Peace in the country
    • Growth in people accepting Christ
    • More singles to accept Christ
    • Unity among the disciples and leadership
    • For church hall to be built and funds to be raised