About SAMS:

The South Asia Mission Society (SAMS) holds the responsibility of spreading the gospel to a population of 1.7 billion people. The SAMS family is spread now across five countries with 63 Churches totally having a membership of 6,722 disciples.

Brothers and sisters from India have taken up the role of supporting the churches in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Despite the fragile political atmosphere, the kingdom of God has been united in sharing the Gospel.

Some of the churches in India have recently celebrated their 30 anniversary. The Bangalore church had marked 2018 as a year of thanksgiving to God for the 30 years to express their gratitude to him.

Churches in SAMS:

The churches within SAMS family have been further grouped into the following regions, mainly because of their geographical placements.

  1. KAPTS Region – Overseen by Dinesh and Caroline George. This includes churches from the South Indian States of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, GC and Sri Lanka, (Hence KAPTS).
  2. KET Region – Overseen by Jerry and Rosa Uttangi. Churches in Other Southern States of India, Keralaand Tamil Nadu.
  3. NEST Region – Overseen by Prakash and Joyce D’sa. North and East India including church in Nepal.
  4. West Region – Overseen by David and Monica Noronha. Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat churches

Use the Global Prayer Chain to join us in prayer for the work of the South Asian Mission Society. In the following week, Disciples Today will publish articles about the specific needs of churches in South Asia.