One hundred and thirty-one participants from 14 countries enjoyed the third annual ICOC Teaching Ministry Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, from August 17-20. Their four-day stay included intensive learning, engaging presentations, and deep discussions.

Sunday worshipservice at the Tallinn Teaching Ministry Conference.

Some of the presenters included David Hooper, Steve Kinnard, and Patrick Genova (USA); Andy Fleming, Andy Boakye, Tammy Fleming, and Roberta Siegwart (UK), Lisa King, Brad King (France), and Otto Kenga (Latvia). The host city was represented by Mati Simm, Reto Zingg, and Triin Leesmann.

A worship team (from Latvia and the UK), and the technical and registration teams, made up of local volunteers, worked hard behind the scenes. They all impressed the participants with their inspiring service.

A wide variety of topics were covered. Steve Kinnard taught about creativity in teaching. He illustrated it with fine examples from Tolkien and emphasized the importance of knowing your audience and choosing the right time and place to display this creativity.

Andy Boakye spoke about how to achieve unity in the church by appreciating diversity. As the apostle Paul said, every member of the body has its role, unique strengths, and weaknesses. Recognizing these strengths and weaknesses helps to build unity, as we understand the need for each other’s support, and encouragement.

Andy Boakye

Additionally, Tammy Fleming and Roberta Siegwart (UK)  taught about dealing with grief. They pointed out how even disciples approach this topic in a wrong manner. One important takeaway was the ability to pour out your heart to God. He already knows what we feel and go through, but it’s important to express it in our own words and prayers and acknowledge our own thoughts.

As usual, the conference also featured two panel discussions. These addressed the audience’s burning questions and many other important topics.

Since teaching is also about reaching younger generations, the conference touched on how to use technology to reach wider audiences. Many apps such as TikTok were introduced, complete with explanations and practical tips on how to use them to raise awareness of the Word or a specific church.

The conference concluded with a great service on Sunday. All in all, the participants are already looking forward to returning for the next Tallinn Teaching Ministry Conference in 2024.

Check out the conference videos here.