Have you, or has anyone you know, had food poisoning? Do you know what happens? Since the food is contaminated and poisonous, the body does everything possible to flush the poison out! It’s really gross, but if the poison is not removed, the person could die.

2. What are some ways teenagers are impure in everyday life?

  • Lustful thoughts and “the second look”
  • Watching sexually explicit movies
  • Visiting pornographic websites
  • Listening to or telling dirty jokes
  • Flirting (Acting or speaking in such a way as to get attention from the opposite sex)
  • Sexual immorality
  • Masturbation

The goal of this study is to help you to take hold of God’s convictions about purity of heart and life. It will also help you see that following God’s plan is always the most fulfilling in the long run. Being contaminated/poisoned by the world will damage your soul. God has a great plan for your life and is excited about watching it unfold for you in his time!

The Scriptures

1 THESSALONIANS 4:3-8 (Tap to Expand)

Same some things God knows about you. Why does it make sense, to be honest all the time?

  • God knows and sees when we even just think about lying.
  • God knows and sees when we tell half-truths, when we exaggerate, when we’re deceitful, and when we lie.

Bottom line: God knows everything about us.

Lying to others instantly leads to lying to ourselves and ultimately, lying to God.

2 TIMOTHY 2:22 (Tap to Expand)

What are “the evil desires of youth”?

  • Sensual pleasures like sex, drugs and recklessness

Why do you think God says these evil desires have to do with youth?

  • They are new experiences (curiosity).
  • Teenage bodies are changing sexually.
  • The “young, wild, free, indestructible” mentality that you people can have.

What does it mean to “flee” from something?

  • To desperately run away, usually, from something dangerous (a murderer etc.)

What does it mean to “pursue” something?

  • To go after it with your whole heart

Bottom line: We have the right to choose where we spend our energy in life, whether on worldly goals or on spiritual ones. God calls us to run away from what our human nature screams for us to go after: destructive, worldly desires, activities and thoughts. We must instead pursue being godly in a godless world

Ephesians 5:3-5 (Tap to Expand)

  1. How much is a hint?
  2. What does God say to replace impurity with?
  3. What does it mean to have no inheritance?

Bottom Line: God takes purity very seriously!

Personal Heart Check Questions

1. How are you different from your friends in the world?

2. Are you willing to change your life, habits, and thoughts to be pure all the time?

Practical Applications

Read Psalm 119:9

• Remember that when you are tempted, the Word will help you to resist sin. Memorize scriptures about purity and impurity, to have ready for when you are tempted with this sin.

Read James 5:16.

• Confess your sin to someone who can help you. Remember that God loves you and forgives you! Next time, ask advice about movies, times w/boys and girls together, dates, etc.

Write out a half-page response about what you have learned from this study and how you were convicted. Write down how you are personally going to change and some things you will do differently from now on

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