We bring you greetings from the church in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We pray that all our brothers and sisters throughout the world are doing well and keeping safe as we continue to ask for God’s protection and deliverance during the pandemic. During these times, we have had to adjust our thinking as we aim to continue seeking and saving the lost, even though we are not able to meet physically. We thank God for the technology available to help us to stay connected and to share the Gospel.

As ministers, we also have the privilege of serving in the Youth and Family Ministry. Working with the teens has been very encouraging, as we see the hearts of our youths being influenced by the word of God. We have been studying the Bible with some teens in our vibrant teens ministry. One of these teens is Nickelia Allen whose mom, Nicola, has been a disciple for about eighteen years. Nicola is a wonderful servant of God and she has longed to see her family won over for Christ.

Nickelia has been studying the Bible consistently via electronic media during these Covid-19 stay-at-home times. She would call to see if we were available to study the Bible with her, and she has shown great eagerness to learn and apply God’s word to her life. She has also been inviting her friends to join our teen devotionals on Zoom.

It is our pleasure to share that on Easter Sunday (April 12th), Nickelia was baptized into Christ, and to God be the glory.

Let us all continue to pray for each other, as seek and save the lost.