It was a great honor and privilege for the Hong Kong Church of Christ to host the Asian Leadership Conference last week.

Over 150 church leaders and staff from around the Asian and China churches gathered together for lessons and fellowship. The delegates meeting was also held to vote on important issues concerning our global fellowship. Friday night was the closing session with the whole Hong Kong church, where five evangelists were appointed, and their wives commended as women’s ministry leaders.

The next day, a separate Daniel Summit was held, where we invited Valdur Koha, an elder and teacher from the Boston Church of Christ, to conduct a workshop for more than 250 Hong Kong and Chinese disciples. This Daniel Summit is the first-of-its-kind workshop to help the disciples in the Greater China churches who are entrepreneurs or in positions of management to confront the ever-increasing worldliness in our financial world, especially as China becomes a global economic powerhouse.

Brother Koha, with his experience as a founder of NASDAQ-listed company, shared and taught about how to guard our priorities and spirituality in the midst of a competitive business environment. Every single disciple at the workshop was challenged and inspired by him. To God be the glory!