It was over 23 years ago that I decided to make Jesus Lord of my life, and if you had told me then that my faith in Jesus would take me around the world, to be able to interact with, train, and be inspired by men and women across the globe I’m not sure that this son of a firefighter would’ve believed you.

This weekend we had our European Mission Society (EMS) board meeting. It was inspiring in a way that is hard to describe. God is moving in Europe! People like Mathis Wosegien in Berli n, or Thierry Fender in Geneva, or John and Carol McGuirk in Paris, or all of the young leaders like Jon and Rachel Buchholz in Milan, Frank and Egle McDonnell in Prague, Will and Kristen Lambert in Spain, or John Thomas and Courtney McGuirk leading the campus work in Paris. Churches are growing, unity is building, and visions and dreams are obvious in the hearts of young and old alike.

To see the contribution of people like Scott Green, Randy McKean, and Wyndham Shaw and how the fruit of their labor is being born out now was moving to the point of tears.

Valdur Koha and Douglas Arthur did an amazing job leading what was a prayerful, strategic and incredibly fun time of deep fellowship.

It was an amazing time in Switzerland! God is good.