“I have never had such a profound spiritual experience,” said Amelia Culver, a nurse from Kansas after her trip to Zambia.

“Serve Your Neighbor” is our theme for 2022. After months of pandemic, heartbreaks, isolation, and struggles, it is time to reconnect with our neighbors in need around the world. We have 18 exciting locations for you to choose from. We offer programs for all ages and demographics: Youth Corps, Singles Corps, and the all-ages Volunteer Corps. Many of the trips will use your skills, whether you are a medical professional, an educator, a videographer, an accountant, a counselor, an IT professional, or a construction worker. And if you are a teen or a student and you do not have specific skills yet, that is fine too. Anyone with a willing heart can serve.

On Volunteer Corps, we assist existing sustainable programs in a spirit of humility and mutual respect, under the expertise of local coordinators. We strive to learn from the communities we serve. We believe that every volunteer should be engaged, and every engagement transformative both for the local community and for the participants.

For more information on our 2022 Volunteer Corps, and to apply, click below. We have scholarships in case of financial need. Click here for more information. Email hvc@hopeww.org if you have any questions.