Registration for the new Athens Institute of Ministry (AIM) 2023 Live Cohort is now open! You can register for the entire program (best value at 50% off of the price if you were to register for one course at a time) or one of our new topical course modules, also offered at a significant discount. If you wish to take courses that include some live instruction, there will always be at least one such course featured on the Homepage of the AIM Website, which will progress over every course in the entire program over three years. The first live cohort course will be New Testament Survey starting on February 5, 2023. 

AIM has been at the forefront of ministry training and deeper biblical instruction for disciples wishing to have a more profound knowledge of the Bible and practical personal ministry since 2004. Our teachers have a deep knowledge of Scripture and have been personally involved in Christian teaching, ministry, and church planting in churches large and small on every inhabited continent. 

AIM is changing the way we offer our courses. While you can still take courses one at a time, you will save significantly on the cost of instruction when you register for one of our new topical course modules:

  • AIM New Testament: New Testament Survey, New Testament Interpretation, Exploring the Book of Hebrews, Communicating Biblical Truth
  • AIM Old Testament: Old Testament Survey, Old Testament Interpretation, Exploring the Book of Amos, Communicating Biblical Truth
  • AIM Counseling: Counseling and Psychology, Spiritual Life, Family Life, Christ and Culture
  • AIM Spiritual Perspectives: Apologetics and Evangelism, Doctrine and Holy Spirit, Church History, Worldviews and Evangelism
  • A la carte: choose any four courses

Pricing: AIM courses cost $199/course, but each module of four courses costs only $599, and you can register for the entire program of all 15 currently offered courses for only $1499 (50% off the price of registering one course at a time)! The prices go down for groups of five to nine students from the same church registering at the same time and even lower for groups of 10 or more students from the same church registering at the same time (please get in touch with us at to make arrangements for a group or a la carte plan). 

If you have ever wanted to know how to read the Bible and understand it better, teach it more effectively to others, and share your faith more effectively, register now!