What does respect mean?

  • Look up to
  • Admire
  • Listen to

The answer: To feel or show honor or esteem for: hold in high regard.

The goal of this study is to help us see how important respect is to God and to teach us who needs to be respected.

The Scriptures

Best place to start is respect for God. How do you show respect for God?

By loving God with all you’ve got. How do you love God with all your heart and soul (emotions)? Mind and strength (actions)?

  • Share your heart with him in prayer
  • Do all God asks of you
  • Serve God (by being a servant to others)
  • Constantly think about God and what Jesus would do in every situation

Bottom Line: You show respect for God by honoring him by who you are, what you say and how you live. Your respect for God will cause you to respect others, as he commands.

EPHESIANS 6:1-3 (Tap to Expand)

Respect your parent(s).

How should you honor and show respect for your parents?

  • Obey right away without complaining
  • Love them unconditionally.
  • Listen attentively and look them in the eyes when they speak
  • Be open with them (share your heart)
  • Appreciate and value them for who they are and all they do for you
  • Have respectful body language (read Proverbs 21:4-What are haughty eyes?)

Bottom line: Any disrespect for your parent(s) needs to change. The result of respect is that it brings joy to God and joy to your family.

Name others you absolutely need to respect.

  • Sibling(s), coaches of athletic teams, leaders in the church, policemen and other government officials, teachers in school and people running clubs or activities you’re a part of.

Respecting rules, regulations, guidelines, and laws. Why should you follow these?

  • God expects you to.
  • It builds your spiritual character.
  • You contribute to order rather than participate in disorder. Name some rules/guidelines you need to follow at home, school or other people’s houses

Bottom line: The fact of life is that there are rules, regulations, laws and guidelines to follow everywhere you go. God expects us to follow them as long as it doesn’t contradict the Bible. You must repent of any disrespectful attitude in any of these areas.

Personal Heart Check Questions

1. Would God say he feels like you respect him? Would your parents?

2. To whom are you most tempted to be disrespectful? How will you repent?

3. What rules, regulations, laws or guidelines are you most tempted not to follow?

How will you repent?

Practical Applications

Write out a half-page about what you’ve learned from this study and what you will do differently because of what you learned.